VANDERPOL Dutch Caramel Waffle production lines

The Caramel waffle is a typical Dutch product and till a few years ago only known in the Netherlands. His bite and great taste, makes this product unique in the world and there for, the caramel waffle is becoming a strong growing export product.

Dutch Caramel Line

Dutch Caramel Waffle

Dough infeed

Syrup dosing unit


Not without pride we can tell you that our advanced Syrup Waffle Production line is one of a kind. Years of development has created that VANDERPOL is market leader world wide on this product.

Capacity's caramel waffle lines

  • VANDERPOL Midi 2800 waffle line Capacity up to 2.800 pieces a hour
  • VANDERPOL Base waffle line Capacity up to 9.000 pieces a hour
  • VANDERPOL Max waffle line Capacity up to 18.000 pieces a hour

Product sizes caramel waffles
Diameter round 45 mm up to 90 mm

Food technology support
VANDERPOL is able to offer a large range of know-how on making the caramel waffles with your own flour and ingredients. Training your people at your location is a standard procedure.

Also support can be given on producing caramel and the way of packaging the caramel waffle.


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