Soft / Hard dough waffles

With our standard waffle oven you can make soft or hard dough waffles easily and efficiently. The oven is also perfectly suitable for making American pancakes. Depending on the baking plates soft or hard dough waffle can be produced.

Round hard waffles

Olifant waffle

Filled waffle stick

Sandwich waffle

Together with our customers VANDERPOL is developing continuously in possibility's with soft or hard dough waffles.

Filled waffles
Finding added value, that is one of our core focuses. VANDERPOL Baking Systems has the know how to create bake proofed fillings including custom made waffles shapes. Sweet or savoury fillings are possible.

Custom made waffle shapes
If you want to produce basic waffles or want to create you own shape lots of varieties are possible. Sticks or by example animal shapes are no problem.

This combined with "high capacity" lines will create added value and profit for you as our customer.

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