VANDERPOL waffle production lines

Flexibility in the production process will increase efficiency thanks to a better use of your production line. That is the reason why VANDERPOL waffle ovens are standard equipped with a variety of mechanical and electronic features.

Waffle production line

Brushing unit
Brushing unit

Infra red unit
Infra red unit

Creasing unit
Creasing unit 

Soft dough depositor
Soft dough depositor

Capacity's soft or hard dough waffle lines

  • VANDERPOL Base waffle line - Capacity up to 18.000 pieces a hour
  • VANDERPOL Max waffle line - Capacity up to 70.000 pieces a hour or more

Machines such as waffle lines, that are required to produce day in, day out, should never experience unplanned stoppages. That is why the VANDERPOL Waffle lines have the following cleaning equipment. - Removable Brushing unit - Removable Infra red unit - Removable vapour hoods - Steam sections - Air blow systems - Cleaning knives.

Creasing units
On the waffle oven creasing units are included, which can be easily taken in and out of the oven. This machine is specially developed for accurate spraying on the plates are easy to clean and can be removed from the waffle oven.

Tromp depositing units
These extremely robust and highly accurate machines are perfectly made for hard and/or soft dough. Because of there accurateness no products will be spilled and they will be perfectly in shape.

The tromp machines are easy to clean and can be removed from the waffle oven.


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